Relationship counseling

Happy relationships are characterized by an equilibrium between giving and taking, preserving and changing, harmony and critical exchange, joint and individual interests.

But what happens when this equilibrium is lost?

It is well-known that men and women think differently. But this is more notable where problems and conflicts are concerned. Men tend to focus on the solution to the problem. Women on the other hand – before getting to the solution – often hope for some understanding and a friendly and sympathetic ear.

Apart from these gender-related differences there are of course individual ones. Everybody sees the world from his or her own perspective. It is therefore an important step to note and accept those differences. Thus you don’t have to take your partner’s behavior personally and feel offended by it.

Would you like…

  • to get back in touch with each other?
  • to understand each other better and to improve the communication in your relationship?
  • to recognize the patterns which lead you again and again into the same vicious circles and to find ways out?

Even though not every conflict might be solvable I’m convinced that mutual understanding is a first and important step to a good solution. That’s where I can offer you my help.